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Jogflex Muscle Toners - Muscle Toning & Cardio Training Combined

The Workout with the best results!

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JogFlex is the new mobile arm toning device that lets you easily combine a full upper body workout with your favourite cardio activities. Whether you're taking a casual jog in the park or climbing a mountain, Jogflex will give you twice the workout in half the time!

The Jogflex has many uses but it's custom made for people with busy schedules who still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, Jogflex is truly the multi-purpose home fitness product you don't want to do without!

Watch the JogFlex 2 for 1 workout in action...

Tone your arm and upper body muscles all in one easy workout:

Our family of muscle toning devices were engineered by athletes looking for a convenient muscle toning alternative. 

Jogflex tones all upper body muscles (triceps, biceps, forearms, chest, abs, back and shoulders) while engaged in exercises such as running, walking, power walking, sprinting, physio, treadmill, hiking and more.

You will even burn more calories in the process!

Imagine 500 flexes in 10-15 minutes - it's an epic workout option!

Each device is patent pending and comes complete with three flexicords - heavy (black), medium (blue), light (red) - depending on your toning goals.

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What people have to say about Jogflex and the results they've achieved so far:

"I work long hours in the industrial field, often 10-12 hours a day. Going to the gym is literally not an option for me and I'm tired when I get home. Jogflex actually allows me to work out at my computer desk at lunch and on coffee breaks. I've been surprised at the energy boosts I get throughout the day and exercising takes me less than 20 minutes. I highly recommend it for people with busy careers and have gotten great results in a short period of time".

Lucus Workun - Head Safety Supervisor 

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Vendor Inquiries

The Jogflex family of products is available to vendors throughout North America including:

  • Retail chains & outlets
  • Health & fitness stores
  • Gym & fitness studios
  • Physiotherapy and sports medicine facilities
  • Yoga centers
  • Weight loss and nutrition clinics

If your business is interested in carrying the Jogflex brand learn more about our vendor opportunities.

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