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Why Use Jogflex

Although the Jogflex was originally created with athletes in mind it serves many useful purposes for people of all ages including:

Fitness Enthusiasts Who Want A More Complete Workout: Jogflex was created with athletes in mind giving you a more effective workout in a shorter period of time. Combining Jogflex with your favourite cardio exercises such as walking or running allows you to produce better results faster. You will work more muscle groups, burn more calories, and challenge your body more through Jogflex.

Busy Career Orientated People Wanting to Stay In Shape: People with full time jobs and families (or a busy lifestyle) don’t have time to exercise regularly. Staying in shape can be difficult if you don’t have access to a gym or fitness equipment. Jogflex can be used anywhere whether your sitting at your desk, making dinner for your kids or even watching TV on the couch. It is lightweight, compact and you can bring it with you anywhere.

People Over The Ages Of 30-40 Who Want An Alternative to Complicated Workout Routines: As you get older using heavy gym equipment can put more wear and tear on your body. Weight lifting can put added stress on your joints, neck and back sometimes doing more harm then good. Jogflex is simple and safe to use, focusing only on the upper body muscles you want to tone or strengthen. There is no need to strain other parts of your body Jogflex is recommended for people of all ages. 

People With Disabilities Or Medical Conditions: For people with limited use of their legs Jogflex is a perfect solution to stay in shape. Whether someone is unable to fully walk or wheel chair bound Jogflex can ensure you can still excercise all of your upper body muscles effectively. Using the Jogflex can be used while sitting or in a stationary position with maximum effectiveness. 

Sports Therapy or Rehabilitation: For athletes recovering from sports injuries (knee, calf, quad, ankle) can be a slow and grueling process. Using the Jogflex muscle toner allows you to exercise safely during the recovery stages of any injury. Even someone who is temporarily bedridden can workout with the Jogflex and still enjoy a full upper body workout.

Benefits Of Jogflex

  • Lightweight, easy to carry with you and allows you to workout anywhere with ease.
  • Tones all parts of the arm (biceps, triceps, delts, wrists, forearms) as well as your shoulders and back all in one workout. 
  • Less strain on your body then normal workout equipment allowing you to tone arms with low risk of injury.
  • Can combine muscle toning and cardio training all in a single workout. 
  • Save more time exercising with Jogflex workout gear.
  • Burn more calories and get a more complete overall workout. 

How Jogflex Works - Watch The Full Demonstration